Monday, February 12, 2007

Hi! It has been a busy few months around here. Between a house with four kids and a full time job at night, there just isn't enough time to knit and blog as much as I would like (forget about cleaning the house and cooking dinner on a regular basis!). Currently I am knitting madly to finish a scarf or three for a shipment going to a middle school in China! The daughter of a friend of mine traveled there last summer and worked at the school; the principal happens to be visiting the US and so this high school student is organizing as many kids (and other "knitters-on") to help out by making scarves so the cold won't be such a distraction to the students. It is a constant source of amazement to me how many ways there are to contribute to the wider world with just a little knitting.

I would throw this project to the mercy of the blogsphere but the deadline is real soon (the principal visits next week, I think) so there is probably not time to drum up help. I promise that if such an effort comes around again I will pester you all relentlessly to help out!