Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another good cause

Hi! I know you all are eagerly awaiting a post with some real news or some real knitting content or something, but being perenially short of time, it isn't going to be this one.

However, I wanted to let you all know right away that Claudia is once again raising money for Multiple Sclerosis (abbreviated as MS) research. This is a disease that affects more middle aged women than other groups, and you know that a bunch of them have to be knitters. She was planning another lengthy tandem bike riding effort, but her tandem buddy (her spouse!) has suffered a setback (it's all on her blog). She is going ahead with the fund raising anyway, since that is what truly counts. Last year she raised around $40,000. I was one of the lucky folks who gave some $$ and then won something in the prize raffle. So for all those reasons, I hope you will find your way over to her blog:

read all about it, and help her (and all those affected by MS) out if you can. Pass this along via blog or e-mail if you are able. Knitters are a force to be reckoned with, after all!