Monday, March 17, 2008

A Contest for a good cause

Hi! There I was, cruising around the blogosphere, when I ran across this contest. It is for a good cause, and we all know how us knitters love to support our sister knitters in their endeavors. So here is the link to Cayli's blog, where she will explain everything, including how she is going to walk sixty miles!

I would make this a live link, but I haven't learned how (although by the time it gets published it could turn into one for all I know!).

I hope to get back to the blog with some recent photos - the International Sock (from the Truly International Sock KAL) and I had lots of fun hanging out in the old home town here during February vacation. Maybe next time I try to post our lovely host system will let me post photos. I guess maybe the photo posting part goes on break late at night right when I usually want it to work. Who knew?

Go visit Cayli and help her out if you can.