Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes, I am Still Here

Hi! I imagine I am in the running for longest napping blog (or maybe not). I have been busily knitting, driving children various places, working, reading, etc. Not too much housework, and obviously no blogging for quite some time. I feel very guilty, but will aim to do better.

This post was prompted by my posting a comment on someone else's blog - someone who religiously writes a short post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She is very inspiring. I realized that I had a great photo (great for color and local interest - not much to do with knitting) on the memory card in my phone. So what could be easier than sending it to the computer and sharing it with you?

These incredibly green (thanks, rain!) umbrella looking things are May Apples - they grow in forests in Ohio and New York State, although I have never seen them in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Maybe I just do not spend enough time in forests. They sprout up in the spring - some with one leaf, some with two and a flower at the split - which eventually turns into a little fruit (which is edible, in case you are ever lost somewhere and find some). My little grove started out as one or two plants from the wildflower section of a local nursery, and every year, despite being moved several times and run over by more than one person with a lawn mower, they return and even multiply. I just love them.

For your knitting entertainment, I am working on a black and gold shawl for my DD's senior prom. Pattern is the Parasol Stole; yarn is Berocco BlingBling (long discontinued - I was lucky to find some more on eBay). It is going swimmingly and might even be finished in time - photo next time perhaps. Knit on!