Thursday, October 12, 2006

Having never posted, I thought I would speak up at last. Hello out there to all of you in knitland! Currently on my needles I have my first ever pair of two-at-once, toe-up, magic loop socks. I am trying to knit as much cuff ribbing as I can stand before binding them off. These are not my first socks, but they are the first I have done using all these new techniques at once. Can't wait to wear them - well, it would be okay if it didn't get to be sock weather for a little while longer!


inukshuk71 said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Karen. The second book of the Inspector Lynley series by Elizabeth George is a first one for me (the first volume had been checked out at the library), although I have watched the Lynley series on television for years. It's fun to read and get a clear picture of the characters in one's mind.

I'll keep an eye on your blog to see how it develops. I hope to see some of your magic socks. I have Queen Kahuna's book on sock knitting techniques, but I'm just so comfortable knitting my socks cuff down on double pointed needles, that I haven't tried anything else yet.

If you tell me you can read and knit at the same time, I'm going to be really jealous :) take care

Jo said...

Karen, I'd really like to try toe-up socks, if only to know how much yarn I have left when deciding how long to make the leg! What cast on method do you use? I came to grief so disastrously over the Figure 8 that I never went there again.

Jo said...

And I wanted to say thanks for offering to help out with the Travelling Cables KAL. Angeluna in Texas has secured the pattern for me, but you were a dear to offer.

Are you working on it yourself, and if so, in what yarn and colour? I'm hoping to get started soon.

Cathy said...

WELCOME TO BLOGLAND! I hope you post a picture of your almost finished socks. I haven't tried any of those methods yet, still doing the cuff down traditional socks, but I do have the directions for toe up and two at once. How do you like it?

Jo said...

I really would like some links to sites where I can learn how to make toe-up socks, Karen, if you have time to post them. Or send them to me at kerjoATgofreeDOTindigoDOTie.

Best from West Cork
Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns