Monday, November 26, 2007

A positive karmic bandwagon to jump on

Geez, this month almost got away without a post! I had been thinking about Random Acts of Kindness and its near-kin, Paying It Forward, when I ran across this blog activity that is (I hope) sweeping the nation (or at least the blogosphere!). I can't resist joining this one - being a positive force for all that is good and helping add some of that to a world in need. So here goes:

I promise to reward the first three commenters with a prize sometime in the next 365ish days if each of them joins me in doing two things: leaving a comment here where they promise to do the second thing, and then doing it - the second thing being writing about Paying It Forward and then offering the same contest on their blog. I hope this helps get all and sundry thinking about what Paying It Forward really means and looking for chances to actually do it.

Remember, the third thing that goes with Paying it Forward and Random Acts of Kindness is: what goes around comes around, and ideally one would like that to be a positive thing.

We now return to our regularly (un)scheduled blog topics. Yes, I still have unblogged Rhinebeck photos (imprisoned on the other computer) and a long-neglected meme to write about. Then I could actually write about some current knitting... The possibilities are endless - but sadly, my time is not. But I shall return!


muoriska said...

Hmm.. after a long thinking period, I decided to give you a comment..
We had this kind of meme in Finland last year, so it's familiar.
It's up to you if you count me on.

Only 4 weeks to xmas.. exciting :)

Dez Crawford said...

Saw your post on Harlot. Go to a "salvage it yourself and pay at the office trailer" junkyard for those mats! Cheap!