Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So you don't miss the tandem...

Hi! I was going to mention not missing the boat, but since Claudia is riding a tandem, this seemed a more riveting title. I promise a more usual post (meaning one the describes knitting, with photos) soon, but I just realized that Claudia is about to embark on her ride, and needs all the folks possible to come out as Knitters against MS in her support. Plus, she has some absolutely smashing prizes that any knitter worth his or her salt couldn't help but be inspired by. So pop on over and visit her blog, and read all about her amazing work. Check out the astonishing prizes, and hopefully get inspired to make a contribution. This is one powerful woman and a tremendous agent for positive change, and she deserves all the help she can get.

Even petitioning your favorite weather deities for good conditions for the ride would be a wonderful thing. Knit on!

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Grand Purl Baa said...

Hi Karen

Ta for visiting and commenting at Q of the TC.

Yep you WILL have to get yourself a computer that can store more photos so that you can show your beautiful work here, me being illiterate and a lover of pikchures!

Looking forward to seeing your dragonfly shawl.