Monday, May 07, 2007

Here are the photos - I changed the time so perhaps they will appear after the text post after all. I have my fingers crossed!

A detail photo of the unblocked lace:

How fortunate that my mother has a carpeted attic floor! The bad news was that I had fallen and bashed my knee on one of the shopping trips earlier in the week, so crawling around on the floor was less than fun. The good news is that the blocking wires were just great for the short ends, which have points to pull out. I just wish the ends of the wires had a better finish to them.

Here it is stretched out on the sofa after blocking - it gained quite a bit of length (Whew!) and of course that magic thing happened to the lace:

The "magic thing" in detail (ignore the knitting mistakes - they are really just bad repairs to real mistakes, and could never be seen by someone racing by!).

And Herself the Bride. I don't know if she is blushing, but she looks terrific (I am only a little bit prejudiced here).

Now to start thinking about my daughter's eighth grade graduation....she wants a shrug...pattern and yarn already selected, but gauge is proving to be completely elusive...


SJ said...

Just beautiful! I think you were right to choose a shade a blue; whites are so hard to match. Plus, it fit in perfectly with the "something blue"! Even if she didn't wear it the whole day, your sister will always think of it as her wedding shawl and it will always have special meaning to her!

SleepyEyes said...

Wow!!!! She looks gorgeous!!!

Helen said...

Almost enough to persuade me to try another rectanble shawls

Knitman said...

It is beautiful. Really well done. I hope you feel very proud of it.
Sorry for th delay in looking. Been ill. I updated about it on my blog.

Knitting Therapy said...

Thank you for sharing the photos. It was indeed lovely. I know those nupps must have been tedious but they look great!

feltboots said...

Your stole is just beautiful (as is your sister)! Love the colour choice and am very tempted by the pattern now. Thanks for sharing your photos :)