Thursday, May 31, 2007

The magic day finally arrived! Picture five happy knitters in a car, headed west, free of the usual obligations of showing up for work, driving the children here and there, making dinner, etc. After a mere two hours of travel time, ably navigated by Letitia (the GPS system) the intrepid group arrives at yarn heaven, otherwise known as WEBS, for some serious yarn treasury improvement.

As if this wasn't enough fun for one day, the adventuring group wandered down the street to the Calvin Theatre to hear possibly the funniest, most perceptive knitter and blogger extraordinaire in the world expound on the wondrous land of Knit. In case you are still guessing, this would be the Yarn Harlot I am speaking of, seen here being fortified for her efforts by a lovely glass of local craft-brewed beer:

Here she is, keeping us all spellbound and laughing most heartily. while the entire audience knit on, mostly on squares of Cashmerino Aran to be donated to Warm Up America. The sound of clicking needles was audible in that hall, let me tell you!

And what a hall it was, a fine old restored theatre, with screen panels in the walls like this one pictured below. Does this look to you like a bit of knitted lace or what? Quite a worthy location for this intrepid gathering!

After Stephanie's talk and some questions, all wrapped around more laughing than I have done in a long time, it was back to WEBS to wait patiently with a large whack of knitters to have a chance to meet Stephanie in person, have a book or two autographed, and have our group photographed with the Harlot herself and the famous sock. A grand time was had by all, I would say. Hope we can do it again soon!

Our trip was marred only by the loss of a nearly finished sock project. So if any of you out there in blogland happen to have seen an almost completed pair of purple socks in a zip lock bag somewhere around WEBS, the Calvin Theatre or the streets of Northampton, please report in as to its wearabouts. Its knitter is mourning its loss at the moment and would be much cheered by its return.

And in case anyone is checking, it is now 3:35 am on May 31; for some reason the date and time applied to this post are wildly inaccurate and I really have no idea why or how to make it right (same goes for the wasteful and unattractive white spaces around the photos in my post!). Always something new to learn, right?


SleepyEyes said...

Sounds like you had a really great time! A bunch of my knitting group friends were there! I bet you met them and didn't even realize it. I wanted to go, but hubby had to work the next day and I had the kiddies.

What other knitting things are you working on?

Danielle said...

What fun! I am sad to hear of the loss of a sock far along was it?

Moms90 said...

Wow, you got to meet the Yarn Harlot herself!!! What a treat?!?!?!? Thank you for visiting my blog and for your suggestion. Keep blogging and keep visiting w/me. Love to hear any and all comments from you.